Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Team Kit Day and Pig-Valve Racing

Got my TriSports.com team kit the other day, and I have to admit, wearing a sponsor's jersey makes you want to go faster - even on a training ride. 

First race is an Xterra off-road triathlon March 30th - finally!

Also got an idea for another sponsor a few days later. I was organizing medical records and came across the name of the valve they put in my heart. Wondered if the company who made it might want to be a race sponsor as well.

Turns out it's a Medtronic valve, and I think the logo would be cool:

I'm racing today with a

 pig valve in my heart

(If they wanted to be more technical, it could say a Medtronic Mosaic Porcine Valve...)

I got on their website, and Medtronic sponsors runners in the Twin Cities Marathon and Twin Cities 10 Mile Race every fall in a very cool program they call Global Heroes. I applied, and maybe will get to take a trip to Minnesota later this year to join two-dozen other endurance athletes with various medical technologies stitched into their bodies.

It'd be a very special thing to be a part of and I really do hope I get chosen. But I'm racing eight or nine times between now and then, and I'd like the pig-valve logo on my tri gear as well!

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  1. That'd be awesome if they sponsor you! (And infinitely awesomer if they give you a shirt that says the pig valve thing...)