Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stand Up, Sit Down, Type, Type, Type!

 I've always wanted to try a stand-up desk, and all the extra commuting to Davis has really been getting to my back. So it was nice this weekend when we made some changes in the master bedroom that made an old oak sewing cabinet superfluous. I originally had no designs on the cabinet, but did plan to pull some hardware and wood off of it. (Can never have too much oak around.)

As I stripped various bits off, I decided to take the motor and elevator too. Figured it might be useful one day. Woke up the next morning - yesterday - with the stand-up desk idea, worked on it all weekend and pushed it into place this afternoon.

Zero parts costs - I had everything I needed or made it from the cabinet. (The typing tray, for instance, used to be a door.) Typing this in the stand-up mode now, and I think the option to move between the two will serve me well. The pictures don't really do it justice, but do give you the idea. Will probably get a wireless keyboard and mouse to simplify cord issues eventually, but that's all it really needs.

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