Monday, February 21, 2011

Trying to Get Race Ready

I have 12 days until Rally School and the season's first event, and it's going to be close.

Right now, you can see the tops of my raised-piano pistons. The head is at a shop in Modesto (new cam installed and valves done) and the instake manifold if on my workbench, getting ground and polished to fit the new Weber 38 carb and breath better. Can't do anything, though, until oversized eccentrics arrive, and the snowstorm/power outage/holiday means I can't order those until tomorrow. (Bad planning on my part when I placed the original order for the cam and springs.)

The new exhaust header is on another workbench, awaiting everything else to come together, then a visit to a muffler shop to get a larger exhaust system installed.

Seats are on sawhorses in front of the garage, awaiting cleaning, dying, custom bracket creation and mounting. And my distributor is completely thrashed.

And, oh yeah, it's cold outside...

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