Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year's New Project Plans

Come by the house any time in the next few months, and you'll likely see something that looks like this kayak taking shape on my front porch. It's not the ideal building spot, but it's out of the weather and I think the porch will be wide enough. (Taking over the dining portion of the great room is my other idea, but being less well received at the moment.)

Of course, if I build one kayak I have to build two, so I'm set for projects through the end of spring.

A 1960s Jaguar 3.8 S remains on my wish list, but probably won't go any farther than that this year. Engine mods to this car, my '76 2002, to get it into the 140-150 hp range are on the table for 2011, as is entering it into a few more rally-type events than I was able to in 2010.

There's more to do in the back yard - improving the picnic area, getting better seating and moving the BBQ off the deck to make way for a bar all come to mind, but may or may not make the cut this summer.

That's because the big goal is acquiring the lot next door and building a proper shop and apartment above. Which means keeping other project-related expenses to a reasonable level. Or finding a wealthy benefactor to fund the land/shop/apartment acquisition. Wonder if the state of California would let me run a temporary lottery?

With the state's own fiscal woes, it just might if I cut Sacramento in for 30%...

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