Monday, January 18, 2010

Plugging the Power of Paint

As anyone who has read The Portable Dad knows, I'm a big fan of paint. The ability of $50 worth of paint to absolutely transform a room is still amazes me.

I was reminded of that again this weekend when, unexpectedly, it suddenly became time to paint the spare bedroom. Here's the funny thing - painted it almost exactly the same color and it still makes a huge difference.

Just patching all the little nail holes, covering up the marks and scuffs that accumulate over time and giving everything an even, smooth sheen makes a room look newer, cleaner, nicer and brighter. So even if your apartment is white and you just repaint it white, it'll still make a big difference.

The painting chapter in the book covers the how-to steps pretty thoroughly. (If you don't yet have a copy of the book, click here to order your very own.) Even if you've never painted before, it's worth trying. Start with a small room without a lot of obstacles, be sure to use drop cloths, and see what happens.

I'm betting that when you're finished, you'll be a big fan of paint, too.

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