Sunday, May 17, 2009

Correction #1 and a Big Apology

One of the reasons I wanted a blog on site stems from my journalism background. When you write for a daily newspaper, you have the obligation and opportunity to correct any mistakes you make and get them in print the next day.

Books are different. If I got something wrong in The Portable Dad, there's no chance to fix it until the next printing comes around some months or years down the road. If I did get something wrong, or technology changes, or a reader suggests a better way to do something, I wanted a way to get that information out there. That's a big purpose of this blog.

Well, I did get something wrong. I didn't thank my sister Sonnjea for all her time and effort proofreading the manuscript before I sent it to Running Press. Sonnjea is an excellent writer (and a lot funnier than I am) and an amazing proofreader. She's read and improved several screenplays, The Portable Dad and many other things I've written, and to overlook her in the acknowledgements was just a dumb mistake on my part.

Not the only one I'll ever make, rest assured. But one I can correct and apologize for here and now, and I do.


  1. It's always my pleasure to read your things, and thank you for the thank you. I hope you write many more books for me to proofread!

  2. I agree - Sonnjea is an awesome writer, designer and proof-reader. And, boy, can she cook.