Friday, July 9, 2010

New Deck: Done and Done!

Last of the finishing touches went up today. I built the stone planting area at the lower corner, which Diane will now prepare and plant. New hose rack and hose, dog bowls and the last of the pillows.

The hose you see in the second photo is for layout - that's where we'll level the ground a bit and install some kind of gravel or stone. The left-hand section of railing we installed is only a foot or so off the ground and is just for aesthetics. But it works - makes the whole deck look new and big (and connected), so was great bang-for-the-buck.

New furniture is the couch (which is really a chaise lounge - double duty!) zinc-topped table and the surprising comfy directors chairs. The nice thing about visiting an actual store that sells these items is that we got to sit in them there so knew they were comfy, then drag them around the store to see how they looked with the other pieces. (Not every place I shop welcomes me back, it must be said...)
We're really happy with the railing stain. The gray we started with looked so wrong, but adds and incredibly nice undertone to the dogwood stain I applied over the top. It's a lot lighter than most railings you see up here, and really did come out nice.
Diane repainted the Adirondack chairs we already had, and I liked the upside-down party bucket as a side table. (And yes we have another for actual parties.)

All in all, a very successful summer project!


  1. Beautiful! Great job. Take a nap.

  2. I love it! Stevie is a clever guy. Oh, and the handsome bowl serving unit on the table is a gift from Mom and Nancy. Thank you both!!!!

  3. The deck and the new furniture looked so good last week but the finishing touches make it look even better. You will have so much enjoyment with your added space. Has Gus tried out the lounge yet?

  4. Not yet - he's a slow adopter of new stuff. But he'll get there!