Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Painting: Always a Lot of Work, Always Worth It

Got the bedroom back together last night after a weekend paint job. Big room and a fairly big job. (I still have brushes to clean today.)

Fortunately, I had my copy of The Portable Dad handy, and the instructions were really clear....

Couple of additions to the book:

1) Don't use a plastic broom handle as a roller extension. They're not strong enough and break. A wooded extension is only $5 to $10 depending on length, and you can always use it as a hiking stick after.

2) If you wonder whether you need another coat, you do. This ceiling took three coats because we were covering a darker color with white, and because the recessed fixtures put light out right along the plane of the ceiling and made any variation show.

I'm not sure how it'll work at your house, but around here I know a job is done when Gus sleeps on it.

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