Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Parking Pad, Plus the Pic-i-nic Platform

Not sure what's going on with the alliteration, but it has to stop sometime. Soon. Supposedly.

Anyway, here's the new stuff. As you may remember, I started digging out parking area on the side of the garage back in early June because I it seemed like a better idea than going to the gym. Working most nights, I got eight inches of crushed gravel and hard-ass dirt dug out, then put four inches of rock back in and built forms. Then it sat around and waited for the budget to catch up to the work. Got the truck in today and with the help of Friend Dave and Diane, we got it poured.

There are, I will admit, some random neighbor dog prints in the concrete. It's the way of things. And Gus approves, which is key.

The dirt I dug out of the parking are was re-purposed into the pic-i-nic area. (I'm not sure why we're using the Yogi Bear pronunciation, but Diane and I both have been since it was built.) The rocks came from the yard (if you use an expansive view of "the yard" which includes the vacant lot next door!)

I think it came out nice.

Next up: Deck Expansion!


  1. Looks really nice and Gus is too cute!

  2. Gus and I both like it. Think I'll call it the Project Pad rather than the parking pad. I was out there this evening working on something and Gus was laying at the end, keeping an eye on things. He's a good foredog.

  3. I like your projects! Very nice. :)