Tuesday, July 7, 2009

But What Will I Do With All My Time?

I don't understand people who worry about retirement or even put it off because they don't know what they'll do to fill their time.

I'm not judging said people, or criticizing them; I'm just a bit baffled by them.

The holiday weekend really brought it home. We had friends over for a barbecue on Friday and brought the two chairs from the front porch to the back and ended up with four chairs in the back in a circle. Our back deck is too small for that arrangement, so it can't be permanent. But when Diane and I both went out on Saturday morning, we noticed how nice that setting was. So the back deck will be expanded - not the full wrap-around-the-side-of-the-house-and-connect-to-the-side-deck master plan, but a 160-square foot addition will go up this summer and we will have four chairs in a circle in the back yard where we can sit with guests.

The dirt from the parking pad is being recycled into a flat, raised picnic area in the back, complete with rock wall. (The wall went up this weekend - rest should be finished next weekend...)

The toilet broke and needed fixing. The screen door needs replacing. The bedroom needs painting. The carpets need cleaning. The gift car is a battery-charge away from running (I hope!), but there's a lot of stuff it'll need before it's the dedicated autocross and track car I want it to be.

Basically, I realized that if I had unlimited time and money, I'd have no lack of stuff to keep me busy.


  1. Right there with you! And I love your chairs-in-a-circle addition; that's going to be great!

  2. It shouldn't cost a fortune, either, even though the decking is composite. Looks like I should be able to do the whole thing - including some structural improvements to the existing deck - for under $2K.