Thursday, April 16, 2009

Next Up - Television

Being interviewed for television is something I've done a few times now. If you stay up late and watch the right cable channel, you can see me in a rerun of the Dominick Dunne's Power Privilege and Justice episode "Tailspin" talking about a triple-murder-for-hire case I covered.

Not long ago, Discovery Investigations drove up to my office to interview me about the same case. (If I look oddly blue in that episode, it's because my office was about 40 degrees that morning and I couldn't turn the heater on because it's too loud...) Bay Area viewers also may have caught Diane and I on a episode of "In Wine Country" a couple of years ago. That was fun - we got to take the host on one of the Calaveras County Wine Country bicycle tours we led back then.

Being an in-studio guest, however, will be a brand new experience.

I'll be doing that on Monday to promote The Portable Dad on Sacramento & Co., an ABC 10 morning talk show. (Kristen will be back from Disneyland then, so I'll have both regular hosts!) The cool thing about a how-to book is I get to do stuff rather than just sit still. (It's a good thing, too: My sister's dog Molly sits better than I do, I'm afraid....)

Anyway, it should be fun. 9 a.m. Monday if you're in the Sacramento area.


  1. What a great interview! I shared the video with my co-workers and they all thought so too! A few have bought the book too!